Maglev Car Seat-1

Maglev Car Seat : The new Maglev car seat can be widely used in most cars such as trucks, pickup trucks, off-road vehicles and luxury cars. Through magnetic suspension technology, the seat can protect the driver from the shaking and bumps caused by the road. The seat also can reduce driver fatigue.

Magnetic Car Suspension System : Magnetic suspension technology uses electromagnetic or permanent magnetic force to support the damping rod. Because it has no mechanical friction, it can quickly adjust the damping, avoid the problems of abrasion and service life in the mechanical structures and can provide high-precision lifting performance through active electromagnetic force control.

The Advantages:
1. Simple and reliable mechanical structure. Therefore, the failure rate is lower, and internal structure is insensitive to impurities , also available work in the harsh environment.
2. Lower costs. Compared with traditional electromagnetic suspension,it is less machinery, more suitable for various car models in the market , and lower manufacturing cost.
3. Quicker response speed.
4. More easily adjust the distance between car and ground.
Maglev Car Seat-2
Traditional car seat:
The normal car seat may have problems such as poor shock absorption effect, excessive motor load, and aging of the mechanical mechanism. Also , due to the complexity of the seat, the cost of maintenance is high.
Maglev car seat:
The maglev car seat is suspended, it can protect the driver from the shaking and bumps caused by the road. Also , the adjustment and maintenance of the seat will become very easy. 
Maglev car seat advantages:
1. Low cost, lower than US $1,000
2. Reduce mechanical parts and increase service life
3. Applicable to various car models, not only for trucks
4. Directly connected to the on-board computer, easy to adjust the seat
5. Better damping effects

Magnetic bearing technology uses electromagnetic or permanent magnet force to support the rotor. Because it has no mechanical friction, it can achieve ultra-high speed and low energy consumption, avoiding the problems of wear, lubrication and service life of mechanical bearings, and can provide high precision rotational performance through active electromagnetic force control.

We own the leading technology in the field of magnetic suspension bearings and a team of senior experts. We can provide solutions and product development for magnetic bearing technology and related electromagnetic rotor damping technology, high-speed magnetic suspension motors, etc. It is one of the key technologies in the era of intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0.


1. Widely Application: Environmental protection, refrigeration, textile, chemical industry, electronic manufacturing, aerospace, biomedicine
2.The typical products Applied : High-speed blower, turbo molecular pump, submersible pump, chemical pump, high-speed compressor, energy storage flywheel, high-speed textile equipment, etc
Maglev bearing motor
Electromagnetic direct-drive System

Electromagnetic direct-drive (magnetic power) technology 

is widely used in the field of freight logistics.


The Advantages : 
1. Faster speed and acceleration
2. Stronger climbing ability
3. Smaller turning radius
4. Smaller size
5. Higher precision positioning capability
6. Lower energy consumption
7. More suitable for industrial parks and logistics warehouses with high land utilization requirements, mines that need to climb slopes, or high-speed logistics transportation in urban areas.

Maglev ( electromagnetic direct-drive ) stereo garage

driven by linear motor, no need belt/chain/steel rope and other transmission mechanisms, avoids the wear of transmission machinery, and greatly improves speed, energy efficiency and service life.


The Advantages : 
1. Shorter pickup time: 30s vs. 120s
2. Lower noise: 35dB vs. 70dB
3. Lower energy consumption: 30% lower
4. Lower maintenance cost and longer life
Maglev stereo garage
shuttle board

In 2019, we developed the world's first human-carrying Maglev shuttle board system, which is also the first electrodynamic suspension EDS vehicle in China. EDS is the most promising technology for super high speed train.

Also, we honored to be invited to show this technology at the National Gala of PRC, celebrating the 70 years birthday of China.

<200km/h: mainly apply the wheel-rail system to carry the load, and the linear motor is used to realize the traction drive and braking. It is mainly used in high-speed logistics
400-600km/h: use the electromagnetic/electric suspension system to realize the suspension, and the linear motor is used to realize the traction drive and braking. It is mainly used in high-speed traffic
800-1000km/h: available for ultra-high-speed traffic and logistics if the system is built in a vacuum tube
maglev shuttle board

 Maglev shuttle board for Aerospace

The maglev space launch device fully accelerates the rocket or spacecraft to 1000-2000km/h through the maglev shuttle board before launching, and finally pushes the satellite into orbit through the three-stage spacecraft.


1. High emission efficiency: The emission efficiency of a single channel can reach one shot in 30 minutes, and the emission flux is increased by 1000 times. It can completely change the efficiency of human and material entering space.
2. Low cost: It can be reduced to 1/3-1/20 of the current cost of traditional rockets.
3. Higher payload: Increase the payload of SSTO rockets by 80%.
4. Recyclable: The maglev launch pad can be recycled infinitely, and the spacecraft can be recycled many times.

We provide leading solutions for Maglev bumper cars.


The Advantages : 
1. Zero ground friction
2. More smooth and flexible driving
3. The collision in suspension makes the soul tremble!
Maglev bumper car
Magnetic hoverboard

We offer exclusive Magnetic hoverboard solutions.

Abandon the traditional skateboard wheel,

Magnetic hoverboard built-in permanent magnet engine, let players experience the fun of flying in the air.



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